The X4 Method

One of the main pillars of interval training is variety. In X4, you will rotate through four stations, each offering something new. While our stations remain the same, the movements performed and equipment used in each station varies daily in order to keep our members engaged and challenged.

Innovative Training

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A Workout For Everyone

X4 draws people from all walks of life and fitness backgrounds. Everything can be scaled up or down, so each individual can perform his or her best.

Constant Variety

As we share some equipment with the CrossFit portion of our gym, we are able to constantly vary our movements. We will often replace a rower with a SkiErg, or a SkiErg with a bike in order to keep our members feeling challenged!


We always offer modifications to our movements. Whether you choose to run, jog or walk; whether your heart rate is in the red or blue zone; whether you’re lifting a heavy weight or using none at all, our coaches are here to cheer you on to the finish line and encourage you to meet your personal best, wherever that may be.

Benchmarks and Leaderboards

From time to time, we will hold challenges for our members. From a MEPS challenge to a one-mile run or walk on the TrueForm, we are always showing our members their progress. For those on the competitive side, we keep track of a leaderboard for each challenge.

Combining The Elements

X4 is offered solely at gyms also offering CrossFit. Some people view X4 as a precursor to CrossFit, while others view X4 as an additional training method or a totally new workout style unaffiliated with CrossFit. We offer separate and dual membership options so everyone can find the right balance for them.

We encourage our members to keep an open mind for both X4 and CrossFit.